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Deep Knowledge Analytics Pharma Division

Pharma Division of Deep Knowledge Analytics specializes in the production reports on the topics of Artificial Intelligence, Drug Discovery, Data Science and Digital Health within the broader Pharma Healthcare Industry. It is the leading entity focused on these topics, producing the most comprehensive analytics on the intersection of AI and Pharma to date.

Since 2017 Deep Knowledge Analytics has been systematically producing and publishing multiple open-access reports covering the entire industry landscape, highlighting leading experts, conferences, leaders, and top companies with the aim to accelerate the development of the AI in Pharma sector. In 2018 it began producing advanced proprietary reports that deliver robust, quantitative insights and actionable deliverables for its strategic partners and commercial clients, consisting predominantly of Pharma corporations and investment funds.


This specialized unit operates under the umbrella of Deep Knowledge Analytics, an analytical subsidiary of Deep Knowledge Ventures, a leading investment fund focused on DeepTech and renowned for its use of sophisticated analytical systems for investment target identification and due-diligence.


Deep Knowledge Analytics, besides the specific focus of its Pharma Division, is also quite active in the broader DeepTech sphere, and is also systematically producing multiple reports on Artificial Intelligence and other advanced emerging technologies, including a number of reports presented in UK Parliament, such as the unprecedented 2200-page “Artificial Intelligence Industry in the UK Landscape Overview”, and the “Blockchain in the UK Landscape Overview”, published in coordination with the UK All-Party Parliamentary Groups on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.


The deep industry intelligence and analytical sophistication of Pharma Division of Deep Knowledge Analytics’ reports, and its systematic ranking of leading companies and experts, has earned it global recognition from key industry players and executives as the leading source of AI in Pharma market forecasts, trend-identification and benchmarking, and its analytics have been featured in numerous articles in top-tier business and tech media including Financial Times, Forbes, MIT and many others.


Through the use of an advanced specialized proprietary methodology that incorporates hundreds of relevant parameters, weighted according to their importance and integrated mathematically to produce precise and practical comparative analyses, the Pharma Division of Deep Knowledge Analytics is able to deliver tangible answers and quantitative forecasts to questions and topics that previously were unmanageable due to the overwhelming multidimensionality and complexity of the field.


The company has a dense pipeline of upcoming reports and specialized case studies to be produced and published throughout 2019, which are designed to provide deep analysis and pragmatic, outcome-based forecasts to facilitate strategic decision-making for M&A, and to help companies optimize strategic agendas, navigate challenges, and maximize opportunities.


The Pharma Division of Deep Knowledge Analytics also is the primary source of market intelligence for “AI-Pharma” (specialized hybrid Index Hedge Fund), which will utilize the agency’s analytics expertise to establish pragmatic portfolio company valuation and efficient due-diligence procedures, and to structure advanced investment strategy in the vastly complex and multidimensional AI in Pharma industry.

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