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Optimize When & How to Practically Apply AI & Machine Learning to Improve the Efficiency, Patient Recruitment, Design and Outcomes of Clinical Trials

Designed with leading AI and R&D experts from the likes of GSK, Pfizer, Takeda, Celgene, AbbVie and academic KOLs, & containing real world use cases of AI in action, this year’s AI-Machine Learning Clinical Development Summit will help you discover how to unlock the power of AI and Machine Learning to revolutionize clinical trial success and accelerate getting better drugs to market.

This is a critical time for drug developers to make more data-driven decisions that lead to improved efficacy, safety and approval outcomes. Only here you will learn when, strategically, it is the right time to invest and apply AI to transform your clinical trial success.

As clinical failure rates remain unsustainable and the vast amounts of patient data increases further, AI, data and clinical development and pharmacovigilance experts from across large pharma and biotech are gathering to discover the growing practical applications of AI and ML.

Join your peers to listen to real world use cases of AI in action from the likes of Cloud Pharmaceuticals, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Abbvie, Celgene, Pfizer, Merck, Leo Innovation Lab, Takeda, Ieos Digital health and more!

Take a look at the Full Event Guide to view the content-packed agenda.

Collate with AI experts, data scientists, clinical development and pharmacovigilance experts from large pharma and biotech to overcome the data quality, data security, cultural and technical challenges associated with employing AI to design and execute the right clinical trial for your drug.

Just a snap shot of our expert speaker faculty includes:

  • Bin Li, Director of Computational Biology, Takeda

  • Ed Addison, CEO, Cloud Pharmaceuticals

  • Leonardo Rodrigues, Senior Director, AI & Machine Learning, Berg

  • Peter V. Henstock, AI strategy & Machine Learning Technical Lead, Pfizer

  • Kyle Holen, Head, Development Design Center, AbbVie

  • Basker Gummadi, Director Technology and Innovation, Celgene

  • Dipen Sangurdekar, Director of Data Science, Bluebird Bio

With 60+ thought-leaders converging at the AI-Machine Learning Clinical Development Summit, this will be an unrivalled opportunity for you to learn first-hand the growing practical applications of AI and ML.

  • Discover how to technically integrate and apply AI algorithms to enhance trial design, improve patient selection and retention and achieve more precise pharmacovigilance studies.

  • Grasp how AI will fundamentally change the paradigm of clinical trial execution and identify key areas where AI can positively impact your drug development decision making.

  • Harness AI and extract maximum value to achieve regulatory success and accelerate novel therapeutic products to market.

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