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Comparative Industry Analysis & Classifi

AI for Drug Discovery and Biomarker Development sector has large potential to impact the whole biopharma industry essentially. Knowledge of the landscape of the market is crucial for the survival and development of every company operating in the market.


The key questions regarding implementation of AI for drug discovery and biomarker development include:

  • What are the major threats and opportunities facing biopharma corporations regarding AI development in the industry?

  • What are the main players in AI for drug discovery field? How are they categorized and differentiated?

  • How can different institutions benefit from the AI for drug discovery development?


This is a 100+ page report delivering practical answers to these specific questions in order to optimize the short and long-term strategies of biopharma corporations and other institutions related to the industry, with a new updated edition being released each month, incrementally increasing the precision, practicality and actionability of its industry analysis. Each new edition will provide a more sophisticated, comprehensive and precise understanding of the challenges and opportunities provided by the development AI in biopharma industry, as well as what businesses such as pharma corporations and private biotech companies need to do in order to benefit, rather than stagnate, from the oncoming boom of AI in the industry.


It will deliver:

  • Extensive analysis of the prospects of AI for Drug Discovery and Biomarker Development industry in terms of current trends

  • 3-5-year forecasts providing information about the new game-changing biopharma instruments that will be market-ready by 2022-2025

  • Practical guide to assemble the best possible tools and solutions allowing to benefit from the industry trends

  • Overview of key market players in the AI for Drug Discovery and Biomarker Development landscape


The parties who gain early access to this report will have deep expertise on how their strategic agendas can be optimized and stabilized in order to manage the usage of AI for Drug Discovery, to surpass the challenges and to utilize the opportunities related to these novel biopharma trends.

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