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Declining Efficiency of R&D in Pharma Corporations Teaser

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The goal of this report is to provide deep analysis of the prospects of pharma industry considering declining efficiency of R&D. Besides, it includes practical guide to the way for assembling the best possible solutions to deal with the declining efficiency of R&D. Analytical report comprises analysis of key market players in pharma industry for the specific understanding of how they should deal with the risk which arises while declining efficiency.


According to this purpose, the main reasons for declining trend in pharma industry were analyzed based on the tangible indicators. As a result, analytical report provides some recommendations for pharma corporations concerning the issue of finding the solutions to deal with this negative trend. It was also analyzed what strategic areas are appropriate for immediate AI adoption. Thus, quantitative analysis was enhanced by a qualitative one.


The system of metrics and criteria can be applied for the forecasting and predictive analytics in order to understand which companies could be successful and which ones will not survive from the pressure of reducing efficiency.


Thus, future prospects of pharma corporations regarding the evidence of R&D efficiency are described. Moreover, analytical report includes specific methods of how these prospects can be changed. These implications can be extremely useful for every institution operating in the field of AI for Drug Discovery. Except this, the possible impact of AI on the declining efficiency trend was investigated. These implications may be helpful regarding the usage of AI to deal with negative efficiency trends in biopharma industry.


The results of the report can be applied for:

  • Complex and deep analysis of the pharma industry

  • Optimizing the short and long-term strategies of biopharma corporations and other institutions related to the industry

  • Determination of the most promising development directions for the pharma corporations’ in order to maximize profits

  • Risk assessment of the sector

  • Predicting future dynamics and prospects of pharma industry

  • Investigating the reasons for declining efficiency of R&D and suggesting solutions to deal with it


The parties who gain early access to this report will have deep expertise on how their strategic agendas can be optimized and stabilized in order to surpass the challenges and to utilize the opportunities related to these novel AI for Drug Discovery investment trends.

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