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Enhanced Analysis of Most Promising AI-companies as the Best Investment Targets for AI-Pharma.Capital


Enhanced Analysis of Most Promising AI-companies as the Best Investment Targets for AI-Pharma.Capital” is an upcoming proprietary report produced by Deep Knowledge Analytics Pharma Division under contract by AI-Pharma.Capital, a specialized hybrid investment fund focused on the AI in Drug Discovery & Biomarker Development  sector, who will be using Deep Knowledge Analytics sophisticated multi-layered analytical frameworks to identify the Top-25 Leading Industry companies within 7 particular sectors specified by AI-Pharma.Capital, to serve as prospective investment targets for their 2020 portfolio, which will be de-risked by diversifying investments across the full scope of AI-Pharma Industry sectors (including Repurposing Existing Drugs, Preclinical Experiment Execution, Drug Design, Clinical Trial & Design and Optimization, Data Aggregation & Analysis, Design Proclinical Experiments, Researching Mechanisms of Disease).

The analytical framework developed for this proprietary analytical case-study has been carefully constructed to perform benchmarking across the entire AI In Pharma Industry, classifying the full scope of companies according to their levels of advancement and prospects for growth. The analytical framework includes both universal metric layters (which are applied equally to all companies across all sectors), as well as specific metric layers with parameters precisely tuned to the factors particularly relevant for each distinct subsector.

Deep Knowledge Analytics Pharma Division was the first company to apply rigorous and tangible methodologies for assessing the market-readiness of products in the AI in Pharma sector (such as Technology-Readiness Levels, or TRLs). The following document offers a system of metrics for rating entities according to the variables that matter in the progress of the industry in coming years. Despite the diverse nature of the industry, a practical assessment of its constituent companies is challenging but not impossible, and simply requires analytical frameworks of equal complexity to the industries they are applied to.

The higher degree of complexity of the AI for Drug Discovery, Biomarker Development and Advanced R&D in Healthcare industries requires novel, more sophisticated approaches to be aligned with the increased complexity of the industry landscape, in order to be capable of deploying relevant industry intelligence and analytics to develop and guide modern and applicable investment strategies for the AI in Drug Discovery sector. Now, Deep Knowledge Analytics utilizing its years of experience in advanced analytics for industry benchmarking and forecasting to help structure and inform the investment strategy, target portfolio identification and due-diligence processes of Deep Knowledge Ventures’ subsidiary fund, AI-Pharma.Capital.

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