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Top-20 AI in Drug Discovery Investors Teaser


Main goal of the analytical report is to identify the most sophisticated investors in the AI for Drug Discovery sector, to analyze their investment strategies and approaches, define the methodology relevant for the agenda of following the pathway of the leading investors in the industry. Hence, the group of the most sophisticated and leading investors should be extracted.


According to this goal, more than 350 investors were analyzed based on the established framework of criteria for ranking. Multiparameter evaluation was conducted in order to define investors with the most effective strategies. As a result, top-20 AI for Drug Discovery investors were identified. It was also analyzed which types of investors are present and what are their investment specifics. Thus, quantitative analysis was enhanced by a qualitative one.


The system of metrics and criteria can be applied for the forecasting and predictive analytics in order to understand which funds will be successful and which ones will not be.


Having conducted comprehensive analysis of leading AI for Drug Discovery investors, we are able to replicate their strategies and to extrapolate their behavior more broadly. These implications can be extremely useful for every institution operating in the field of AI for Drug Discovery. On the other hand, the reasons for failures and ineffective types of strategies and elements of behavior were investigated. This information can be used for avoiding mistakes.


The results of the report can be applied for:

  • Defining the best investment strategies for the investment in AI for Drug Discovery sector

  • Defining the most prospective investment funds in the industry

  • Predicting future dynamics and prospects of AI for Drug Discovery investors (in order to understand which funds to invest in)

  • Complex analysis of the whole industry

  • Identification of inefficient investment strategies


It is planned to expand the scope of the report in the future and provide a deeper analysis of investors operating in the field of AI for Drug Discovery based on more advanced and sophisticated framework.

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