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This report aims to assess financial dynamics of pharma and tech corporations applying AI for drug discovery and advanced healthcare in order to enable investors, corporations and other industry participants to develop effective short and long-term strategies.


Applying AI for Drug Discovery and cooperation with pharma AI companies may indicate the prospects for competitive advantage on the market. Understanding financial dynamics of such corporations is crucial for the analysis and assessment of threats and opportunities of AI for Drug Discovery industry.


Particularly, analytical report estimates activities of top 15 pharma and top 15 tech corporations comparing their market capitalization and conducting an in-depth analysis of pharma and tech stock indices in order to determine correlation between them and their relation to other well-known and relevant indices. This report also allows making an informed choice from the best stocks to buy in pharma and tech sectors. Also, the report is supplemented with a qualitative analysis and comparison of the aforementioned corporations.


The findings of the report can be used for:

  • Developing the optimal portfolio for investing in AI for Drug Discovery industry

  • Predicting future financial dynamics in the industry

  • Gaining understanding of current pharma and tech markets tendencies and crucial risks

  • Risk assessment and formation of future market development scenarios

  • Determining what has to be done in order to benefit from these tendencies


It is planned to release the updated versions of the report each quarter providing a more comprehensive understanding of financial dynamics of top pharma and tech AI corporations, as well as current market tendencies relevant to all institutions in the industry.


The parties who gain early access to this report will have deep expertise on how their strategic agendas can be optimized and stabilized in order to benefit from the impact of financial dynamics of the aforementioned corporations and how to utilize the opportunities related to these financial trends. Pharma and tech corporations themselves will be able to observe their place on financial landscape regarding the sector of AI for Drug Discovery.

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