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AI for Advanced R&D and Drug Discovery Q1 2019

AI for Advanced R&D and Drug Discovery Q2 2019

AI for Drug Discovery _ Q2.png

This 105-page report outlines the main changes that happened in AI in the Drug Discovery industry for the second quarter of 2019. It includes the new trends and industry developments that are shaping the industry and influencing its main players, as well as explains the long-term old trends still dominating in 2019.


The quarter report covers 400 investors, 170 companies, 50 corporations and 35 major R&D centres of the industry. They are all integrated to the interactive mind-maps, which are providing the most important information on the above-mentioned players - location, category, deals, etc and are available at the website of Deep Knowledge Analytics. Thus, we included 20 new AI in Drug Discovery companies, 50 investors and 5 R&D centers to the new report.


Other than the major developments and general landscape of the industry, the report contains a summary of the main reports, published by Deep Knowledge Analytics in the second quarter of 2019. Specifically, it includes essential information from Pharma AI Deals, Declining Efficiency of R&D in Pharma Corporations, “AI-Friendly” CEOs and Board Members of Pharma and Tech and others. 

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